Luca Sechi


Luca Sechi serves as Chief Strategy Officer of Circumference Group, where he leads the firm’s efforts to expand its investment universe to private and early-stage opportunities. In this role, he also helps to assess investments in the technology sector, focusing on digital marketing, SaaS, and the Small and Medium Business market. Mr. Sechi brings to Circumference Group more than fifteen years of experience in developing the strategic vision for scaled technology companies, as well as the proven ability to gain deep industry and competitive insights by leveraging first and third-party research and operational data.

Prior to his role at Circumference Group, Mr. Sechi spent almost ten years at Endurance International Group, where he held increasingly senior roles in strategic partnerships, product development, and corporate strategy. He also is a member of several expert networks and is a regular speaker at SaaS and Digital Marketing Industry events. Mr. Sechi holds a master’s degree in Corporate Strategy from Bocconi School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy.

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