CG Ventures

CG Ventures is backed by Circumference Group’s team of highly experienced C-suite operators, technologists and investors with a track record of business success and superior investment performance.

For Entrepreneurs

The CGV team’s expertise across all functional areas enables our start up partners to efficiently use capital, build rapidly to scale and optimize for sales and integration to B2B and B2C customers. Further, as sought-after corporate advisors we see a wide landscape of operating “pain points” that need the innovative solutions our start-ups provide. We make these beneficial introductions that can lead to substantial new business wins.

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Target Sectors

  • Mobility electrification, connected fleet management and advanced transport technologies & infrastructure
  • Disruptive enterprise-scale IT platforms and video/broadband networks
  • AI/Machine-Learning platforms to optimize corporate/management decision-making & operations, human capital and corporate innovation
  • Fintech for corporate/business back-office
  • Digital security/cybersecurity solutions for scaled networks and enterprises
  • Cloud-based SaaS platforms for B2B/B2B2C e-comm, business services and digital marketing